Winter Shoe Box Diorama

This week we pulled out this wonderful little shoe box diorama that the kids and I made last February. It’s a perfectly calm and quiet wintery scene and pretty much mirrors this month’s weather here in western PA.
Because we utilized the box’s lid as well, we were able to close it and store it easily on a closet shelf and bring it out from time to time for imaginative play.
To make this diorama, we started with a very sturdy shoe box and painted a sunset scene with acrylics on the bottom (which becomes the back when you stand it up on its side).
We then gathered some crafting moss, pebbles, glass rocks, sticks from outdoors, and some of our leftover artificial snow and mini trees from our Christmas display.  These were hot-glued down into the box to create the woodland scene you see.  We added some confetti snow flakes on the back of the box, and then added in our forest animals.  The small cardinals are from the craft store, as is the bit of fencing we added.
Children tend to love dioramas~maybe because they are their own little magical worlds, and lend themselves so well to imaginative play.  Perhaps we’ll celebrate the changing of the seasons by making a spring box this year.  But for now, we’re enjoying this winter landscape from indoors!