Sample Homeschool Schedule

Scheduling continues to be one of the most requested topics I get asked about from other mamas.
New-to-homeschooling moms are dying to know how to even begin to structure their day to “fit in school” plus everything else, and even veteran homeschoolers are often seeking help in this area of time-management and the establishment of routine.
There is a reason we all want to tear into these sample schedules like hungry vultures.
Each of us desperately craves routine, order and organization.
We are aware of how full our plates already are as stay-at-home moms, and when you add homeschooling to that? It can be intimidating and overwhelming to say the least, especially for those just starting out.
Ultimately, we all want to find what works for us, and maybe if we see what works for someone else, we can get started on our own goals. At least that’s the idea.
My fear, however, is that someone out there will take a sample schedule like the one I have provided here, and they’ll lock into it, and stress out over it when it doesn’t work for them…but guess what? it wasn’t designed for them, it was designed for us. And each of us are vastly different.
I also hesitate because someone will read this schedule and feel exhausted before they’ve even begun. It’s just sorta crazy seeing it all SPELLED out like this.
Just.one.day. is so very, very, very full when we have little ones underfoot. But I am reminded that the days won’t always be so full, and that these precious years are fleeting, and that I desire to be a woman who numbers her days aright, and lives life fully with those whom God has granted me to journey.

I also remember as I was just beginning our homeschool journey, someone at a workshop handed me a sample schedule, and I clung to that thing like it was precious gold. It looked crazy-busy, yes, but it gave me an idea of what I was getting into, and how I could possibly structure my home and school and life in an organic way where everything flowed together seamlessly.
3 years into it, we still haven’t reached seamless, and certainly never will, but I am grateful to see how school and home-life truly have blended so beautifully in these past couple years for us in particular.
Still, this is worth repeating:
This schedule is NOT how life looks for us everyday.
Remember, this is the ideal.
I am not locked into the times and what needs to be done when, nor do I beat myself up when I fail to follow this routine. Quick example. No-where in the below schedule will you see anything about grocery shopping, running errands, paying bills, volunteering, doctors visits, or co-op days. Of course those things do happen here–on a weekly basis, just the same as they do in any home.
And obviously school looks different on those days.

This schedule is what an ideal day (spent at home with my children) looks like.
Because that IS my aim–to be home, 90% of the time with them, serving and loving them well during these years. Babies and toddlers especially don’t do well being carted all over town and so I try to keep my weekday running to a minimum.
I hope this sample schedule is helpful as a guide for those of you who are looking for a place to start, and who desire to have school and home function together a bit more smoothly.

(To print, click each page of schedule, save as photo and print)

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